Saturday, January 19, 2008


long time no see! lol. anyways breaks over. back at school. too much homework, and not enough free time. you're probably wondering what i've been doing so much of as to neglect my blog so here the "scoop" i finished my highschool applications [major WOOHOO moment]and lets just say its been an interesting week, and now i'm just chillin on the 3 day weekend. i was supposed to go the movie with yella/katers/bella, but i had to go to the family dinner instead :[ ha. on monday it'll be the infamous boys vs. girls soccer game down at duniway. i'm not a "proffesional" soccer player, but i might as well have some fun(:
i really want to get out of the house tomorrow.. so we'll see what happens and i'll keep you posted.
remember to check out me and kates poem/video blog :]

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


we're a dinamic DUO.
yes i know your jelous C:
we've made our own blog together to share our exciting adventures.
and poems, and videos, and any other amazing things we find out that we can do.
kate made the coolest blog like EVER.
and i'm writing the best poem EVER for it
ahaha so you should check it out :]
AMAZING? to the maxxxx.
i needa get to my poem:]