Friday, December 21, 2007


okay here are some of my poems
i wrote these all by myself.
i don't care if you think they're bad.
i like them and they express me
so here are my best two:
cloud of confusion
regrets piling up
doubt filling in
hope running off
nothing good coming in
you and me forever to be?
not so soon
so speed it up... slow it down
glances across the room
mystery in the air
pounding heart within my chest.
is this for the best?
thoughts racing
pencils breaking
get me away from this place i once played.
can this be for real?
take me or leave me
but, please don't break me.

The Two of Us
the truth of youit isn't blue
you and me
its what you can't see.
we know its there.
thats all we need.
you are the one thing that completes me.

1 comment:

Kate said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beauitful

love it audder
you've got a knack :]
keep writing

xoxo kate