Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome to my world.

ciao bella!

guess what?
someones got a blog, and that someone is me!
so basically i got the idea from katerrs cause she got a blog like 2 days ago...
&i thought it was really cool.
[peechykeenlove @ blogspot. com <--- check her out she's a "cool kidd"]
so i'm audder.
kinda like otter, but not.
i got the nickname from my friend denise.
who lives about a billion miles away in Sicily, Italy with a wonderful view of Mount Etna on a super secure Military Base. The place i once called home.
I move alooottt, but now i've settled down until college in Oregon
l[not my choice]l
i personally do not like the rain or the cold and would much rather be in the italian heat.

XOXO - auddero.

1 comment:

Kate said...

aah so cute! i love blogs and i love yourss :] . this awesome.. we can just leave comment on eachothers kinda like AIM but a bajillion times cooler haha

lovee yahh auddero
xo kate ♥