Sunday, December 23, 2007

i really want to go sit in a booth at the food court with toni
and have her eating kentucky fried chicken french fries
and i'll have my chalupa from tacoa bell.
i'll steal her fries and she'll get mad.
and then she'll say something stupid funny and i'll laugh
and some drink will come out of one of our noses.
then we'll go to the commisary and buy a box of those chocolate roll things
for a buck.
then we'll go to the park and sit on the big red thing and eat them.
or maybe.
i just want to be really bored at home and hear a basketball bouncing in the driveway next door and i'll find some exscuse to go outside and play basketball with john.
and then i'll have to go inside at like 9:30 cause i do have a curfew and he'll make fun of me.
or maybe.
it would be wednesday and i'm at the elementary school office with bee and we're playing some games on the computer and she's forcing me to listen to country music and i'll end up admitting its not horrible.
and then we'll walk over to the church and run around or sit in the elevator.
or throw eachother off the hill. [hahaha. i hate that game. ]
or we'll go in the bathroom with emily, caroline, jaden, and us and we'll play that really fun game were we scream alot.
and then we'll eat that really good pie and go to class.
or perhaps
i'll just realize i'm oregon. and forget everything that ever happened and try to make it work.
which it won't work...


Kate said...

ah man.
this makes me sad.
its good.
just depressing.
hang out soon audder.. your friends make me jeloues :]
love youuu

Kate said...

ah another comment.
i wanna live on an army base
sounds so fun


jelousey xabillion

Kate said...

why not one more comment
ive read this like 10 times
sounds like you had alotta fun there
sorry you're not having as much here :[
hang out soon? imma make sure that sometime while you're living here, you have as much fun as you did there :]
my new mission in life

it will happen
xoxo kate